COVID & Safety


Salisbury Comedy Festival will operate in line with guidelines relevant at the time. The Government's Roadmap aims to remove all social distancing measures on 21st June. We will keep a close eye on any changes that may impact the event and keep ticket holders updated.  We have already taken steps to ensure your safety, including:

  • We've limited ticket sales so that we already operate at reduced capacity

  • Hand sanitiser will be freely available throughout the arena

  • If necessary, we will issue free facemarks to ticket holders on arrival to the festival

  • All food packaging and drinking vessels will be single use (and recyclable or compostable)

  • We have the ability to introduce one-way systems if necessary

  • All common facilities will be regularly cleaned and sanitised

  • We're operating a cashless festival to minimise touch points

  • We have plenty of staff and volunteers to facilitate the introduction of 'Passports' or 'Certificates' 

  • We have the capability to launch lateral flow testing as part of the entry criteria if necessary

When booking tickets, you have the option of purchasing insurance, so if the event is cancelled or rescheduled due to COVID, the weather or any other reason outside of our control, you will offered tickets for a future event or a full refund.


When packing your day bag, remember that the following items are not permitted at Salisbury Comedy Festival:

  • Glass

  • Food or Alcohol

  • Candles

  • Gas canisters

  • Knives

  • Illegal substances

  • Legal highs

  • Nitrous oxide

  • Laser pens

  • Megaphones

  • Fireworks

  • Flares

  • Poles, banners and flags

  • Any item that could be considered a weapon

  • Animals (other than Guide Dogs)

Crime and Disorder

We're working closely with Wiltshire Police to keep crime levels down at Salisbury Comedy Festival. A small minority of people attending the Festival see it as an opportunity to commit crime, mainly stealing. You can help yourselves by following the below advice:

  • Only bring what you can afford to lose. Avoid bringing values of high value

  • Label or mark your property

  • Protect your mobile phone.  Dial *#06# and take a note of your IMEI number in case it is stolen

  • Avoid keeping your bank cards and cash in the same pocket

  • Do not bring illegal substances to Salisbury Comedy Festival. We will be undertaking searches on entry

If you are a victim of crime, you should notify any member of the security team and call the police.

Welfare and Medical

You will find the Welfare Tents close to the main entrance. Welfare will provide you with information on Salisbury Comedy Festival as well as travel. The following services are also provided: counselling, message board, lost property, lost persons and health promotion (general & sexual).

Our Medical Team are on hand to support you at any time. The Medical Tent is situated close to the main entrance and additional first aid points are located around the site. If you have special medical needs and need to bring prohibited items to Salisbury Comedy Festival, we can provide you with a letter of authority. Email us -